High Pressure Treatment (HPT) scorching.

During their unique HPT (High Pressure Treatment) process, Apec brake pads are scorched on an electrically heated steel table. This applies 10,000 Nm pressure at 650ºC to ensure the entire friction surface is evenly cured to a depth of up to 2mm.

HPT avoids the crystallization process typically suffered by other friction materials. With HPT, Apec pads provide high standards of braking performance for longer.

Typical OEM brake pads need bedding-in before they reach their full braking potential. With HPT, Apec brake pads need almost no bedding-in, providing full braking performance virtually straight out of the box. More environmentally friendly

The HPT process means Apec pads are also kinder to the environment; see our eco-friendly page for more details.

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