Made to Apec’s renowned standards.

To complement our extensive range of Apec Braking friction parts, we now offer a comprehensive braking hydraulics range of brake hoses, wheel cylinders and master cylinders.

Every item is made to the same high standards as our friction range, providing impressive quality and value. Apec brake hydraulics offer dependable performance, a long service life and easy, direct replacement fitting.

Wheel Cylinder

A wide and fast-growing range.

The Apec braking hydraulics range already covers most popular applications and is expanding rapidly to match our friction braking range coverage – i.e. 99% of all cars and LCVs in the UK and Ireland.

All Apec brake hydraulic parts comply with BER1400/2002 standards for matching OE quality.


Master cylinder detail


The hoses use EPDM and twin PVA braid construction to combine strength with flexibility, and long-lasting dependability. EPDM (ethylene propylene diene M-class) rubber is ideal for exposed braking parts, as it offers exceptional heat, ozone and weather resistance. The end fittings are corrosion protected using environmentally friendly materials.


Thoroughly tested.

All Apec brake hoses are precision manufactured on advanced automated production lines to exacting tolerances, ensuring easy fitting straight from the box. Samples are regularly taken from the production lines and subjected to rigorous whip, burst and endurance tests, so you and your customers can have complete confidence in their performance.


Apec wheel cylinders perform perfectly, time after time, even when subjected to extreme temperatures, weather and driving conditions.

Safe, predictable braking
To achieve this, they’re made exclusively from high-grade steel or aluminium, with pistons and bores precision engineered to provide consistently smooth and safe braking.

Made to cope with tough conditions
The seals and boots use the latest EPDM (ethylene propylene diene M-class) rubber, which has the flexibility required during constant operation, while withstanding attack from heat, ozone and the weather. The assembled wheel cylinders are pressure tested to prove their performance before leaving the factory.

Wheel Cylinder

At the heart of better braking systems.

Apec brake master cylinders are precision engineered to exactly replicate the braking ‘feel’ and performance that the original manufacturers designed into their vehicles. With exemplary production standards and close quality control, they go on providing this performance over an impressively long service life.

Superior manufacturing standards
Key to their outstanding quality are close tolerance automated production lines and superior materials, including high-grade steel or aluminium and EPDM seals and boots. Accurate engineering and assembly ensures our master cylinders not only work perfectly, but also fit easily, saving installers valuable time.

Trusted to perform
As with all components in our braking hydraulics range, Apec master cylinders are factory tested to make sure they always perform perfectly under pressure.