Safety with strength.

Apec brake drums are produced to fine tolerances and exacting specifications, for uniform strength, and easy fitting. Using only high quality materials ensures that Apec drums effectively withstand constant heating and cooling, and are highly resistant to cracks and deformation.

High quality brake drums

Match with
Apec Shoes.

Apec drums are precision made to match the high standards and consistent braking characteristics provided by Apec brake shoes. So when fitting new Apec drums, be sure to choose Apec shoes for optimum matched braking performance.

Covering nearly all cars and LCVs
The extensive range of Apec brake drums covers virtually all cars and LCVs in the UK, including older vehicles from the 1960s onwards. Our online and printed catalogues make it easy to find the brake drum you’re looking for.

Apec brake drums are precision made in modern factories for first-time fitting and optimum performance when used with Apec brake shoes. Production line samples are randomly selected and painstakingly tested for strength, casting accuracy and the ability to provide consistent, long-lasting braking stopping power.

Brake drum

Designed for
dependable service.


Optimise braking performance
All Apec shoes are manufactured on advanced, automated production lines which ensure consistently high quality. Apec shoes perfectly complement the range of Apec drums, providing optimum matched braking performance.

Of course, you can also use Apec brake shoes with any OE standard drum, confident in the knowledge that our shoes will equal or surpass the braking performance of the previously fitted shoes.

Easy fitting
Accurate manufacturing to close production tolerances means that Apec brake shoes are consistently easy to fit. Wherever appropriate, they are supplied already fitted with adjusters. Adjuster bars and other accessories Our extensive brake accessory range is designed to ensure maximum braking performance. The range includes brake shoe adjuster bars, which are available separately.

Europe’s leading independent range
Apec brake shoes are available in a wide range that covers 98% of all cars and LCVs in the UK. This includes not only modern cars, but also older vehicles from the 1960s onwards, which are listed by manufacturer in our online catalogue.

Brake shoes


Apec shoes offer a highly effective combination of stopping power, endurance and reliability, to excel in the toughest traffic conditions. The linings use the latest formulation friction materials for optimum braking performance and long life, making Apec shoes excellent value.

Don’t come unstuck
Apec brake linings are securely bonded to the shoe backing, using very high strength phenol adhesive for maximum shear values. Samples from the production line are regularly subjected to tests simulating hard driving and repeated aggressive braking, to ensure that the lining does not part company with the shoe backing.

Corrosion resistant
All the metal parts are coated with varnish that has a high resistance to degradation by moisture and heat, adhering strongly to the metal to provide long-lasting, effective corrosion protection.

Our long life brake shoes

Adjuster bars.

Brake shoe adjuster bars are available separately to complete our offering of brake accessories, thus ensuring maximum braking performance.

Adjuster bars, to ensure maximum braking performance

Ensuring peak

The need for Apec accessory kits
Apec is committed to providing a replacement parts range that ensures a vehicle can achieve the same braking performance after thousands of miles, that it provided when it left the showroom.

To make sure this happens, we not only supply pads, discs, drums, shoes and hydraulics, but also a comprehensive range of high quality accessory kits.

An often overlooked aspect
Fitting new major parts, such as drums and shoes, but re-using original springs, can seriously compromise braking performance. After only one or two years of use, tension on a brake shoe spring can be reduced by up to 30%. As they lose their tensile strength, these parts may break or fall out with possibly serious consequences. Worn parts can also cause increased noise, unequal wear and uneven braking, which reduces stability and safety.

Get the best from new brakes
Apec accessory kits offer a wide range of springs, all precision made using quality, durable materials to be direct replacements for OE parts. When fitted with Apec drums and shoes, they ensure that fitters can restore even high-mileage braking systems to the braking performance levels the original manufacturer intended.

Brake Accessories

Expander kits.

Apec Braking has added parking brake expanders to its impressive range of OE replacement braking parts. The precision-made kits provide the ideal solution for corroded parking brake mechanisms – a common problem.

Apec brake expanders are supplied with a grease sachet for easy installation and prolonged service life. The new range already covers over 100 popular applications, including BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C-Class and Sprinter, and the Peugeot Boxer. 

Adjuster bars, to ensure maximum braking performance