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Apec discs are precision made to match the high standards and consistent braking characteristics provided by Apec brake pads. So when replacing worn discs with new Apec discs, be sure to fit Apec pads for optimum matched braking performance.

Brake Disc


Our discs are produced to fine tolerances and exacting specifications, for uniform thickness and hardness, and easy fitting. Using only high quality materials ensures that Apec discs effectively withstand constant heating and cooling, and are highly resistant to warping.

Apec brake discs are available across a wide range that not only includes modern cars and LCVs, but also older vehicles from the 1960s onwards, which are listed by manufacturer in our online catalogue.

For optimum braking performance, we recommend you also fit new Apec pads when fitting new Apec discs. Apec discs and pads are covered by our 2Y24K guarantee.


Brake Disc


Apec brake discs are produced in modern factories to exacting performance standards that ensure they are direct replacements for OE parts. They are tested to homologation protocols, which cover not only braking performance over a range of temperatures and pressures, but also disc integrity, thermal cracking and DTV (disc thickness variation).

Our brake discs being tested to homologation protocols

When we coat our discs, we know where to stop.

Like all Apec Braking products, our coated discs are made to match OE standards. So where the original discs have coated hubs and edges, Apec discs have them too. But when it comes to the friction surface, we stop – so there’s no coating to contaminate the pads and reduce their efficiency.

Our coated disc range matches OE applications and also includes other models, especially those where the hub is visible through the wheel. Make sure you ask your factor for Apec discs – matching OE and more.

Discs made to match OE standards.

It's the little things that make the difference.

You probably don't give brake screws a second thought until you're struggling to get the worn-out, chewed-up old one out. And then hunting high and low for the right replacement.

The Apec range of Disc Screws covers a wide range of applications for popular marques from Audi to Volkswagen.

Made from high tensile steel or stainless steel (depending on application), like all Apec parts they're precision engineered for hassle-free fitting and long lasting service life.

Disc Screws