Precision made direct replacements.

Apec brake calipers are remanufactured to stringent ISO procedures and exacting quality standards, to complement and perform perfectly with Apec brake pads and discs.

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Apec Calipers

Rigorously controlled build process.

Each caliper is rebuilt to a precisely defined process. The original caliper is totally disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, then remanufactured using entirely new internal and rubber wear components.

Each unit is tested using brake fluid or air, then closely inspected and approved against a master sample, to ensure optimum quality and reliability.

Made for dependable long life
High quality components and precision manufacturing techniques ensure our calipers have a long and reliable working life.

As calipers are exposed to rain, snow, salt and grit, we protect them using electroplating and other durable surface treatments, to provide tough corrosion resistance. These treatments are applied at our remanufacturing site to ensure consistent application.

Caliper diagram

Saving resources.

Our calipers are remanufactured to help preserve precious resources. The core of the caliper is a major casting which is rarely worn or damaged, and perfectly suitable for re-use. Doing this reduces the greenhouse gases, energy consumption and depletion of natural resources involved in the manufacturing process.

To further protect the environment, we supply our calipers on an exchange basis, receiving usable caliper cores to put back into the remanufacturing cycle. We have developed a highly efficient ‘core to caliper’ process, accredited to ISO standards, which supports this initiative and provides a fast-track service for technicians and factors.

Remanufacturing calipers to help the environment

Caliper slider pin kits.

Most modern cars with disc brakes use sliding calipers. This allows a single piston caliper to operate the brakes. As the single piston exerts force on one pad only, the caliper needs to 'slide' to allow this force to be equally distributed between both pads. This is done by fixing one part of the caliper to a bracket on the wheel hub, and round steel pins to allow the other half of the caliper to maintain it's pressure & keep both pads evenly applied to the disc.

Issues with worn slider pins

If the pins become rusty, bent, or seize in their bores, they can't slide & the brakes get 'wedged' against the disc, usually unevenly, so brakes get hot, pads wear unevenly, or you get uneven braking.

Range Details

Over 100 part numbers covering over 800 calipers.
Sold as a single kit.

Caliper slider kit, side by side
Apec Brake Caliper Kit
Caliper packaging

Info for technicians.

When you fit new Apec calipers, you should return the old caliper to your supplier for the exchange surcharge refund.

Included with your new Apec calipers will be a caliper return bag. To receive your surcharge refund promptly:

Put the used caliper in the caliper return bag and in the Apec box, ensuring it’s exactly the same part number as the new caliper.

Make sure the exchange caliper does not have:
• a cracked or incomplete casting
• damaged pad pin holes
• snapped or damaged bleed nipple
• worn surfaces caused by contact with the disc
• not returned as a complete unit or are in pieces.

Any of these faults means the caliper core cannot be reused, so your supplier will not be able to refund the surcharge.

Your supplier will refund your exchange surcharge when the returned caliper core has been checked and approved by our specialist caliper core team at Apec HQ. We aim to have the calipers collected, checked and the surcharge credited to you within a month.

Info for factors.

Make sure your customers return the correct used caliper in each caliper return bag and in the Apec box.

Our specialist caliper return team will check approximately every two weeks to see if you have used calipers to collect.

They will agree a mutually convenient time to collect the core calipers.

On arrival at your branch, they’ll visually inspect the core calipers for:
• a cracked or incomplete casting
• damaged pad pin holes
• snapped or damaged bleed nipple
• worn surfaces caused by contact with the disc
• not returned as a complete unit or are in pieces.

If the caliper has one or more of these faults, the caliper core cannot be reused and our team advise you that a surcharge refund is not possible.

Our specialist caliper return team will check all your returned used calipers at Apec HQ, and credit you the surcharge refund amount for each acceptable caliper.

To help your cash flow, we aim to credit you around four weeks after collecting your core calipers.