In braking,
trust is critical.

All Apec Braking components are precision manufactured to fit first time and use the latest generation materials. They are thoroughly tested to exacting performance standards that ensure they are direct replacements for OE parts.

Engineered to precise tolerances on advanced production lines, our parts are accurately made for first-time fitting, and offer consistently high levels of performance and durability.

A 10m annual investment in R&D keeps Apec Braking at the forefront of braking technology – for example, by continually developing new friction materials to complement advances made by vehicle manufacturers’ new models.

Our new products and current production samples are regularly and painstakingly tested to ensure consistent, optimum braking performance.

Apec brake disc

The parts you want, when you want them.

We are one of Europe’s leading braking brands – over 8 million Apec parts were fitted in the UK and Ireland last year.

  • With 4,200+ items, our dry braking range covers over 99% of all cars and LCVs in the UK and Ireland.
  • Our new hydraulic braking range covers all the most popular applications.
  • We constantly introduce new product lines to maintain market-leading coverage.
  • We also provide brake parts for cars and LCVs from the 1960s onwards.
  • We update our online catalogue frequently, and you can instantly check for the latest parts on the Home page.
  • We’re always ready to answer your questions, with our authoritative and helpful technical support.

Apec van and brake disc

Protecting the motorists’ choice.

Block Exemption is revised and strengthened (Block Exemption regulations 461/2010)
As of 1st June 2010 the European Commission has adopted new competition rules for agreements between vehicle manufacturers and their authorised dealers, repairers and spare parts distributors. The new rules will increase competition in the market for repair and maintenance by improving access to technical information needed for the repairs and by making it easier to use alternative spare parts. They will allow the Commission to tackle manufacturers' abuse of warranties when they request that cars are serviced only in authorised garages.

EU Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia said, at the press conference, announcing the new competition rules, "I strongly believe the new framework will bring tangible benefits for consumers by bringing down the cost of repairs and maintenance”

Car manufacturers will no longer be able to make the warranty conditional on having the oil changed or other car services only in authorised garages. Of course, manufacturers may request repairs covered by the warranty - and paid for by the manufacturer - be carried out within the authorised network.

The recent announcement of its ‘Lifetime’ warranty from Vauxhall had raised concerns amongst independent garages and parts distributors that customers would be forced or hoodwinked into taking their vehicle to Vauxhall Authorised Repairer for all its service needs and the independent operators would, somehow, be excluded and disadvantaged. In response to the IAAF’s enquiries on members’ behalf, Vauxhall have confirmed that the warranty remains valid irrespective of where the vehicle is serviced. “This clarification from Vauxhall is very welcome,” commented the IAAF’s Brian Spratt. He had written to Duncan Aldred, Vauxhall’s Managing Director, seeking confirmation that the new warranty was not designed to circumvent the EU Automotive Block Exemption rules.

In his reply Mr. Aldred wrote, “I can confirm that the Warranty Terms and Conditions are fully compliant with the requirements for new car warranties contained in the EU Automotive Block Exemption 461/2010 which came into force on 1st June 2010. In that respect, the warranty remains valid as long as vehicle are serviced strictly in line with our schedules irrespective of whether that takes place within or outside the Vauxhall Authorised Repairer network. Further, any parts, including oils, must as you indicate be original or matching quality parts if sourced outside the Vauxhall Network.”

“The key here,” explained Brian Spratt , “are the words ‘serviced strictly in line with the Vauxhall’s service schedules’. This places the responsibility for proper servicing upon the garage performing the service. If a garage fails to adhere to the schedule, or doesn’t use the proper parts and materials, then it will be that independent garage’s responsibility if a warranty claim is subsequently refused. It’s important for all independent garages and parts suppliers to realise that fact.”

Other organisations
Apec is also proud to support the IAAF (Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation) and the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders).